Purposes of Services

Designed to help victims of sex trafficking obtain and achieve a healthy lifestyle

To help victims of sex trafficking avoid negativity associated with the criminal life

These are the strategies the organization uses to influence

young women (victim of sex trafficking) to turn from a life of prostitution.

Interview the young women during local law enforcement Prostitution Sweep

Offer programs that will give them a way out of the life of prostitution

Appear at their Court Arraignments

During Street Outreach, shelter and other support services are offered

Provide temporary assistance at the Drop-In Center

RDS will accept referrals through the strategies above. RDS collaborates with Sheltering Programs to provide housing for the young women involved in prostitution. At the first point of contact, an intake form may be completed by a Restoration Worker or a contact number will be provided to the young women. Then the participants may be transferred or referred to a Program that best fits their needs. The participants will be required to follow the guidelines and rules of the Sheltering Program. A Restoration Team will be assigned to the individual and we will oversee and make every effort to meet the needs of each participant.


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