DTS Facts

DTS Facts

Domestic Sex Trafficking Facts


  • Average age of entry is between 12  to 14 years old
  • Approximately  50% are minor runaways, throwaways, or aged out of Foster Care System
  • Approximately 85% are victims of childhood sexual abuse
  • More than 85% are African American females
  • Approximately 80% of adult women entered “the life” as a minor

Effects on Victims of Sex Trafficking:

  • Post traumatic effects such as physical, psychological, and behavioral problems
  • 35% U.S. females reported serious broken bones and other physical injuries as a result of the violence of sex trafficking
  • Psychological reactions to trauma such as depression, anxiety, hostility and irritability, recurring nightmares and memories of abuse, difficulty concentrating and sleeping, and feelings of apathy or emotional detachment
  • At risk for getting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, multiple abortions