About Us

Our History

RDS was founded by Sinetta Farley in 2009 because of the large number of girls and young women she saw soliciting sex on Long Beach Boulevard disturbed her—some of the victims of sex trafficking looked no older than 13 years old. Sinetta felt a strong urge to reach out and help.


Through her own personal street research (walking Long Beach and speaking with the girls) and other viable sources, Sinetta discovered some alarming statistics and little-known facts regarding sex trafficking victims: an average of 50% are teenage runaways, throwaways (family put them out), or they aged out of the Foster Care system with nowhere to go and a significant percent were victims of sexual abuse or rape. Many were victims of childhood molestation or incest. More than 50% are Africa American girls and young women victimized at the age of 12 years old.


As Sinetta progressed in her research, she found that the girls’ pimps or “sponsors” confiscated their driver’s licenses, passports, and all other forms of identification; the pimps/sponsors also took all of the girl’s money and they systematically separated them from their family, friends, and children. This is done to prevent the girls from escaping their ruthless clutches. Even more alarming was the fact that Compton gangs controlled sex trafficking on Long Beach Boulevard. Statistics show crimes increase wherever sex trafficking is allowed to thrive.


What Sinetta did not find was an organization in Compton that was designed to help sex trafficking victims Exit the streets. Sinetta attended meetings with Deputy City Attorney Sonya Dawson, where she learned of a diversion program that targeted the johns (solicitors). Consequently, in conjunction with Compton Clergy Council under the direction of Compton Sheriff Deputy Rafer Owens, Sinetta was able to receive some direction and instituted diversion services for the sex trafficking victims. She began meeting with other concerned women from various churches at Citizens of Zion Baptist Church and from those meetings, RDS was born.

RDS’s first act was to do Street Outreach, where teams walked Long Beach Blvd., talking to the young women and providing encouragement to seek a different life style.  Very quickly Sinetta realized that in order to successfully help the young women make a transition from the streets, she needed to be able to offer them some type of temporary shelter, long-term housing, and other support mechanisms. Therefore, her next step was to open a Drop-In Center.

The future goal of RDS is to open its own Long-Term Residential Treatment facility. RDS is looking forward to being a viable resource in the City of Compton to all sex trafficking victims who want to change their lives and exit the streets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist victims of sex trafficking (young women) to exit the life of prostitution by empowering them with knowledge, support and services. This will be accomplished through the services provided including educational classes, mentoring, job preparation, clothing, and referrals to medical and mental health providers.

Meet the Team

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Sinetta Farley

Founder & CEO

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Barbara Crowley


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